The National Union of Kuwaiti Students-USA


The Biggest Students Event of NUKS

California 2013 – 30th Yearly Conference of NUKS

The National Union of Kuwaiti Students-USA is a subset of the National Union of Kuwaiti Students in the headquarters in Kuwait. Its main task is the reunification of Kuwaiti students who are living abroad, solve their problems no matter how large or small, and help them to create an academic climate through solving all issues or problems that stand in the way of academic achievement. The elected members of the administrative board pay several visits to a variety of senior state officials, whether at home or abroad officials to put an update on the status of each student. The board also studies the obstacles and has proposed ways to solve these academic or living problems and therefore resolving such issues.
Whoever is granted Kuwaiti citizenship, whether a student in a United States’ educational institutions or a member of staff in different locations of Kuwaiti and American companies around the United States.
NUKS-USA serves as a non-profit social student union. The elected union board members and all of the representatives are fully qualified to receive calls and your communication with them, regardless of the subject, is welcome. “Our home in exile” is a quote that NUKS-USA has adopted whilst dealing with the students. NUKS-USA’s board members offer their services with the utmost sensitivity with the intention to serve the student’s interests.
There are several ways to have direct contact with NUKS-USA. The 16 members of the board represent the highest point capable of making decisions of NUKS-USA. You can communicate with NUKS-USA members by email or on their mobile phones. This information is available on NUKS-USA’s official website.
By one of the sub-committees of NUKS-USA known as the Student Committee which is chaired by a member of NUKS-USA’s board. The Student Committee selects and/or appoints students who serve on behalf of NUKS-USA to the Kuwaitis in the various regions and the United States. “NUKS-USA Representatives” gather Kuwaitis in the region frequently to meet their needs and work on various activities. They also work on communicating students’ problems directly to the members of NUKS-USA’s administrative board in order to resolve their issues. Furthermore, the members of the administrative board pay field visit throughout the year to different cities to make sure that students have access to optimal care by NUKS-USA’s representatives of the cities.
There are many areas that have few students and therefore may not have a representative. In this case, you have to communicate with any of NUKS-USA members who will be willing to add your city in the list for activities. Also, all can join the activities held in other cities. NUKS-USA has provided a special form to request holding an activity in your city for your convenience.
NUKS-USA has, still is, and will always be a respectable social union tool that aims to serve the students. NUKS-USA’s activities are usually planned during the off days of the students so as not to affect their studies. NUKS-USA is keen and to communicate with all students to make sure of the smooth going of their life and suitability of the atmosphere to their studying and makes sure not to waste their time. Whoever warns you this regard has, therefore, no valid claims.
Yes. In case of any academic difficulties, NUKS-USA through a specialized committee, and in co-operation with the Cultural Office will jointly study the case of the student and offer the necessary help.